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Virtua Cop 2 is a Vintage shooting video game released by SEGA in 1995. The game is also referred to as Virtua Squad 2 in certain sections of United States. The overall game delivers significant amount of enjoyment with excellent visuals and Sound effect and keeps you engaged.
At my younger age, I used to enjoy this video game for huge time spans joining up with my uncle. Your role on this video game is actually a cop, who'll be allocated 3 distinct objectives plus the most interesting part is that, you need to complete these full tasks with constrained lives. Each and every objective within this game will have unique bosses and getting rid of the very last Boss will probably be little challenging.

This game also supports the Multi player attribute i.e. Two gamers can enjoy the action at the same time. There are actually 3 stages in the game. Your primary goal in this game would be to take the enemies just before they shoot back towards you. At the conclusion of every level there'll be a boss fight. The boss fight will be really interesting, as he throws cars, trucks and explosive drums towards you. Defeating the boss will lead to another level, in which you will battle with opponents in different circumstance.

Free Download Virtua Cop 2
There are actually 3 different levels for you to select from. They're Newbie, Medium and Expert.

Level 1: Beginner

Right here you'll be interrupting a Jewel thievery plus the pursuit to discover the boss of the robbery team, you'll be following robbers and when you kill all of the robbers the Boss will probably be showing up. Getting rid of the Boss is going to be little challenging comparing to the other robbers. When you enter in the Boss fight, you'll be set for a little fight in which he'll be assaulting you with various items. Getting rid of the Boss will head to next Level.

Level 2: Medium

Your objective during this level would be to save the mayor of virtua town from the kidnappers. You'll be battling the opponents inside Harbor. At the conclusion of this level you'll be combating with the boss, who definitely will be establishing airborne attacks upon you.

Level 3: Expert

On this level you'll be battling with the terrorist in the Virtua metropolis underground. Getting rid of the boss in this particular stage will result in the main Villain battle. Killing the ultimate Boss will effectively conclude your assignment.

Method to obtain Free Download of Virtua Cop 2 Video game

Free download of Virtua Cop 2 Video game can be obtained at the website When the website is loaded, Search all the way down to check out “Download game” download link. Happy gaming!!!

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