Free Download Hard Truck 1 - Road to Victory

Hard Truck 1 is easily the most addicting and engaging truck driving video game published by the Buka Entertainments in the year 1998. The overall game will involve supplying goods towards the end points of several destinations. The winner of the game is certainly the one who delivers items first.

Circuit, Gold Fields, Lake City and Snow Mountains are the 4 distinct destinations to try out the action. Within the Gold Fields we are able to have a extended driving greater than 9 Km. The Snow Mountain tops is yet another gorgeous place in which we could drive the trucks across the roadways running around the sides of snowfall coated mountain tops. Within the Lake City we'll have an experience with driving our vehicle inside a major town at night. Circuit is an additional selection where we could take part in races.

Free Download Hard Truck 1 - Road to Victory
In each and every location we can easily discover various paths to arrive at the desired destination. You should be smart to choose the appropriate and shorter path to become the victorious one.

In the primary menus we'll discover two settings such as Single Player and Multi Player. We could also set difficulty levels. It's better to choose the arcade stage to simply win the action. In the main menu we can also set the amount of participants to contest with. A lot more key functions may be identified by clicking on the 'options' button.

Once we begin enjoying the game, a vehicle will show up on screen. If you wish to get a new vehicle you have to visit Trucks Store found on the right side. Right after deciding on your preferred truck, you can visit the Goods place to fill goods. Now you are prepared to enter into the action place in which you're interested. Prior to entering into a specific game spot you'll be able to learn about its the weather. If you notice an umbrella symbol on top, it could rain there. The pouring down rain may prevent the clear look at the place.

The free download of the Hard truck game is available on the site. Download the game and enjoy driving your truck.

Free Download Hard Truck 1 - Road to Victory

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